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Belt sizes comply with the  official Kodokan standards  , corresponding to the standards of the International Federation.  We provide a reference size chart based on your waist or hips (where you tie your belt).  All judo belts are designed from a semi-rigid cotton core, covered with an outer layer of cotton or silk and several rows of topstitching.  KuSakura does not offer thin "fabric roll" belts.

How to determine your size

It's always best to measure your belt for comparison, taking into account shrinkage, thickness, and the way you tie the belt.  These are the general guidelines:

  • The size is calculated using the following formula:  2 x 'waist' (or hips) +  90 cm  ~  100 cm;

  • Waist size is measured using a tape measure (as pictured above);

  • The belt size calculation formula and table below are designed to have a margin of  20 cm  The  30 cm  at each end of the strap when tied (official standard);

JOIB - Classic IJF Kuroobi

This judo black belt is officially approved for international competitions, designed with a felt cotton core with a width of  4.5 cm  and only 10 rows of topstitching, it is more flexible than non-IJF models.  IJF standards call for flexible straps to ensure a tight knot that doesn't come untied easily during competition.

* Size available for IJF models only.  **Made to order (Not available in Brazil)

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