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Fully handmade judogi


KUSAKURA Judogi production is fully integrated into the fabric of the manufacturing line.  For each step of the process, any of our technicians can fully respond to the customer's needs, thinking about the best for the customer, using their creativity and technique.



As Judogi they are directly in contact with the body.  While following this criterion of comfort and soft touch, we are trying to find a perfect balance between weight, strength... from the composition of the material.  And that's how we created our fabric, the "NaiJuGaigo" which literally means: hard on the outside, but soft in the heart.



We surprised the world with the cleanliness of Judogi, which dyes the colors white and blue.  When we paint Judogi, we take care not to harm the softness of the fabric, which is its main asset.



From the thinnest to the widest size.  We are able to cut our Judogi as it can fit any body.



To make the collar as smooth as possible, we changed the seam width to 1mm.
We can't do this by just cutting, like a shoulder line that's not weighted, we're sewing sophisticatedly.



We have a room specially dedicated to checking our product to ensure high quality.
Based on the standards, each measurement is rigorously checked to ensure there are no defects in the product.

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