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Theoretically reserved for Judo from 6th to 8th Dan, the red and white belt of Judo 


Perfectly suited for 6th Dan and higher Judo Kata competitors.

100% cotton, this Obi is similar in composition to black belts, made of a white cotton core and an outer layer of alternately red and white cotton. In terms of stiffness, this belt is comparable to the JOXB model, official black belt of the International Judo Federation.


The white/red sections are 20 cm long. There are specific rules about the length of these sections, especially in Europe, but not in Japan. Therefore, this model is only available in its Japanese version, with 20 cm sections. For this reason, this belt cannot be manufactured in half sizes (example: 2.5, 3.5 etc), which would shorten the end sections irregularly.


Core: 100% cotton, felt
Outer layer: 100% cotton
Width: 4.5 cm
Sewing: 13 sewing threads

Made in Japan

KuSakura Koral Kodansha JRWZ Belt

R$499.87 Regular Price
R$399.90Sale Price
  • Esse serviço não está disponível no Brasil

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